United in social distancing.
In these days we have wondered if it was possible to feel united and close even in a period of social distancing, and how could we relegateloneliness to a mental state even when we are forced to remain closed in a room.

Thanks to the creation of the “Under the blue sea”, image inspired by a 2017 artwork by Pine (https://www.instagram.com/p/BPp4qDxhdIF/) we wanted to create a team effort that united us in the distance to send a positive message in this situation.

We don’t know if we were impressed by the reassured blue light of the room (always the color of mental health), or maybe the idea of passing a quarantine to observe how the underwater wonders made us dream of a better world; the fact is that, in the totally remote realization of this image (conceived, born and finalized in the middle of the quarantine period) we felt united and close as never in our life, deleting any concept of distance.


From illustration to photorealism


Claudio Errico: 3D Artist

Daniele Cruciani: Photographer

Leonardo Dentico: Post Production