“Joy” means that we, togheter with others feel joy. In the allegory “Indra’s net” developed by Mahayana Buddhism, over the top of the great god Indra’s abode, there is a huge net studded with glittering jewels, hanging in each eye of the net. Each jewel, not only radiates its own light but holds and reflects the image of every other jewel of the net, which shines in all hiw own magnificence. Indra’s net is a metaphor of the interdependence of all phenomena: The universe is compared to a huge net that extends to infinity in all directions, protecting and caring of life in its entirety, with no exclusions. No gem exists without the others, no one stands on its own. They are all interdependent to the presence of the others. If one appears, all the others follow. If not one appears, none of the other will. Indra’s net shows the ideal society that can be achieved through education of awareness of oneself and others. A pluralist and inclusive society is based firmly on the process of tying multiple connections that allow each of us to shine the light of humanity and to be shine upon. Third, I’d like to underline that these bonds can be tied through experience and share of joy. In Buddhism the say goes: «”Joy” means that we, togheter with others feel joy.» (collection of oral teachings, BS, 118, 50). Based on this principle I believe that the source to create a society of coexistence and mutual enrichment is to adopt a lifestyle in which you feel joy in others achieving their full potential. Based on Daisaku Ikeda’s “Peace Proposal 2018 ”


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