Claudio Errico.

Claudio, currently based in the city of Ravenna, works as a creative designer in the creative industry.
Born in Naples in 1991, he began his career as a still life photographer at the age of 22 in the communication agency Khorus Advertising. After various advertising campaigns, curiosity about the world of computer graphics and digital imaging arises in him.
He began his computer graphics studies in the Imaginaria CG architecture studio, continued deepening his digital sculpture studies with Daniele Angelozzi, also studied digital matte painting at the International school of Comix and after 4 years of research he began his specialization path in Creative Design.



Art Direction


Post Production


Pubblications and prizes:

– Luerzer’s 200 Best Digital artists Worldwide 2021/2022

–¬† Ads of the world

– Creative pro show (conference speaker)

– Luerzer’s archive

– Postscript (Art magazine)